Debra Scott Campaign Calendar


Green Party of Ontario Jobs Vision

We can kick-start local job creation by supporting CleanTech innovation, living wages and fair taxes for small businesses. We can build and support a green middle class by embracing the growing clean economy, refocusing on local homegrown businesses, and making homes and childcare more affordable.

Local Issues:
  • Reducing the barriers to local small businesses
  • Promoting job creation efforts for GreenTech jobs
  • Working with education industry to promote Green Technology education


Green Party of Ontario People Vision

We can improve your health by preventing illness, not just treating it – providing more supports for mental health, primary and community care. We must make Ontario fair for everyone by fighting against systemic racism and sexism. And let’s make our democracy work for all citizens, not just the well-connected insiders.

Local Issues:
  • Advancing long-term care and home care plans
  • Re-visioning support for local healthcare facilities
  • Expanding public health services
  • Build effective partnerships with marginalized and racialized communities


Green Party of Ontario Jobs Vision

We must defend the places we love on this planet. There is no Planet B. We can tackle climate change and build a new economy. We can reduce pollution and gridlock. We can protect our water and farmland.

Local Issues:
  • Planning to close the Pickering Nuclear Facility; sourcing power from current oversupply
  • Promoting delivery, production and consumption of locally grown and sourced food
  • Cleaning local waterways, beaches, and ravines
  • Support for smart transit planning, including local relief lines