Bob Cook

bob cook campaign manager

Campaign Manager

I want a revolution. I want the people of 2525 to look back and say "We are alive today because a party of people in the early 21st Century decided to change the way man lives."

Those few, those happy few, those band of brothers and sisters who joined a cause, will forever be family. And the people of the world will think themselves accursed that they had not been part of a cause so true. And let them hold their humankind cheap that they did not fight when they had the chance to change it all.

That is why I joined the Green Party!

Sandra Drygas

sandra drygas cfo

Chief Financial Officer

I have always been political, but never gotten involved in politics. I have always been an environmentalist, but never an activist. I have always tried to teach those around me (respectfully) what we were doing wrong in our world, but never felt like I could make a real difference. When I was given the chance to take on the role of CFO for the Beaches East York Campaign for the Green Party, I jumped at the opportunity. I have always been a Green Party supporter and I believe the time for a Green Party revolution is here and I am excited to be a part of it.

There is change in the air. Ontario needs a financially stable and environmentally sustainable future. With candidates like Debra Scott, the Green Party has a bright future.

Randall Sach

randall sach green advocate

Green Advocate

I was a world away, working in Hanoi, Vietnam, when I first grew seriously concerned for Canada’s future in a way that led me to enter party politics. I’d been working all over the world as director of program support for the former Canadian International Development Agency. After changes with the government at that time altered the focus that CIDA, removing the goal to alleviate world poverty, I realized Canada was becoming a country I didn’t recognize anymore. So I took action and deepened my involvement with the Green Party.

This whole argument that’s made that it’s either the environment or the economy, well, that’s a false choice. There are a lot of jobs in renewable energy. We just need the political will to do it. And the Green Party has the ability to deliver on that.

Ingrid Sheriff

ingrid sheriff community organizer

Community Organizer

I’m a life long resident of Beaches-East York. Living near Lake Ontario I have developed a strong connection to water and water issues. The Green Party understands and respects that “Water is Life”.

Being involved with the Beaches-East York Green Party since 2007 has been life changing! I have had many great experiences, and made great friendships. It feels awesome to be a part of people powered change!

Aaron McIntosh

aaron mcintosh marketing communications

Marketing and Communications Jedi

Joining Debra Scott and the Green Party was the culmination of years of reflection. I’d been a life-long Conservative voter and party member, but my social conscience has transitioned as I’ve aged and had a family. The shift to the right within the former progressive conservative party no longer reflected my views.

TI grew up appreciating nature – from farms to forests, from small fresh water lakes to large oceans, from rolling hills to the largest mountains. I couldn’t sit by any longer and see these resources forever depleted by governing parties that paid little more than lip service to environmental protection, green technology investment, and political reform. The Green Party realizes that a Green Future starts now, and offers a fresh approach to politics to get there. I can stand behind that.

Avra Weinstein

avra weinstein canvassing

Cavassing and Calling

I'm a Canadian from Toronto, and love all the wonderful aspects of what it means to be Canadian. I'm a Family Therapist by training, and also work as an artist. What always stands out for me is how people can work together for healthy and sustainable outcomes. That's why the Green Party is so important! Practical platforms; broad applications; fiscally conservative and sustainable.

The Green Party; it feels like everything we need as a community looking for mutually satisfying & sustainable outcomes.

Amanda Johnson

amanda johnson list master

List Manager and Generalist

After many years of watching the major parties push the status quo and mudsling at election time, I decided to get involved and support positive change in politics. Rather than settling for the least harmful option, I want to vote for a party that aligns with my beliefs and values. The Green Party vision is the only platform that does that. From environmental protection to food safety to health care and justice system reform.

If we all vote for what we really believe in, we can do things more efficiently and improve the lives of Ontarians at the same time.


Green Party of Ontario Jobs Vision

We can kick-start local job creation by supporting CleanTech innovation, living wages and fair taxes for small businesses. We can build and support a green middle class by embracing the growing clean economy, refocusing on local homegrown businesses, and making homes and childcare more affordable.

Local Issues:
  • Reducing the barriers to local small businesses
  • Promoting job creation efforts for GreenTech jobs
  • Working with education industry to promote Green Technology education


Green Party of Ontario People Vision

We can improve your health by preventing illness, not just treating it – providing more supports for mental health, primary and community care. We must make Ontario fair for everyone by fighting against systemic racism and sexism. And let’s make our democracy work for all citizens, not just the well-connected insiders.

Local Issues:
  • Advancing long-term care and home care plans
  • Re-visioning support for local healthcare facilities
  • Expanding public health services
  • Build effective partnerships with marginalized and racialized communities


Green Party of Ontario Jobs Vision

We must defend the places we love on this planet. There is no Planet B. We can tackle climate change and build a new economy. We can reduce pollution and gridlock. We can protect our water and farmland.

Local Issues:
  • Planning to close the Pickering Nuclear Facility; sourcing power from current oversupply
  • Promoting delivery, production and consumption of locally grown and sourced food
  • Cleaning local waterways, beaches, and ravines
  • Support for smart transit planning, including local relief lines